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The Somatic Marketing Shala

The first ever mind-body approach to marketing...

(because anything that asks you to self abandon for success is too expensive.)

Let's get growing together!

Last year, I thought about closing the doors of my business.

I started to get a major ick with the widespread manipulation, competitive, extractive, and sleazy ways that online business has been being taught to market & sell.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of shame, FOMO-inducing, and high-pressure sales tactics I had been taught and I still see every time I open a device.

Both options in front of me made me sad.

Closing the doors and turning a blind eye to the people I love to help getting caught up in these programs.

Or continuing to teach just the external part of running a business, what to post, how often, etc.

If both options felt like a no, there had to be another way.

What if you could create a thriving business by empowering yourself, building genuine connections, honoring your values, your creativity, and moving at your own pace?

So I did something scary instead.

I closed the successful program I had been running for 2 years.

  • The program that I took dozens of clients through.
  • The program that helped the most successful people make over $20k per month.
  • That helped people that asked if they HAD TO do sales, love sales, and start teaching others to love sales.
  • That helped a client go from 4k to 118k followers on Instagram.
  • That helped a client gain the confidence to lead yoga teacher trainings.

Because it wasn't getting at the heart of what I really have been teaching, long before I got into marketing.

Where my power really lies.

Trusting your body, voice, and decision-making above everything else.

When this is the foundation, marketing & sales know-how becomes a tool to use and implement as you see fit.

Relax & grow with me!

The Somatic Marketing Shala

invites you to tap into your inner wisdom and harness the power of your mind-body connection to create a marketing strategy that resonates with your audience and furthers your purpose.

When you can do this, the relationship with your business, your mentors, your clients, it all changes.

You no longer need to run in different directions trying to keep up with fads and what the salespeople say you need.

A self sourced decision maker is hard to manipulate.

From this knowledge, The Somatic Marketing Shala was born.

What IS Somatic Marketing?

It is my signature approach to marketing that takes a mind-body approach, so that you can define success for yourself & create content that connects to people at the core of their being.

Marketing that brings your whole being into the process, thus, grants the people reading it the implicit confidence and permission to do the same.

It is a way for you to fully, effectively, and authentically communicate the value of what you do to the people in your communities - both online and off - so that you can feel good about what you are putting out into the world.

The premise that created Somatic Marketing, is that your body, heart, and mind, are better suited than I or any other coach or consultant could ever possibly be at identifying your genuis.

I'm here to offer you tools and a pathway to it. You are encouraged and celebrated for implementing as you see fit.

When you listen to that wisdom first, you can communicate it to those that seek to help you.

Somatic marketing will give you all of the knowledge and strategy talk throughs that other knowledge banks provide but with a twist. Like options at a buffet, they’re all just options to put on your plate, the menu isn’t set.

You are the leader.

You are the practitioner.

You are the one that has ultimate say in what you do.

And the time to come into and move from that knowledge, is when you stop getting pulled into a million directions of what people say you SHOULD be doing.

Somatic marketing gives you the tools and support to listen to both your subconcious (body/emotions/etc.) and your concious, to bring fullness to your business.


Because you possess something no one else does, a unique perspective, personality, and approach to the work that you do.

This is your biggest selling point.

Here's everything that we will be doing:

  • Relaxing into trusting our own genius, our own voice, and our own creative ideas, 
  • Owning the WHOLE of who we are, in life & in business, while every one is trying to manufacture a unique value proposition, we will be living it, as a fully expressed self, that is unique just by being them, with their unique thoughts and perspectives.
  • Enrolling clients in the spirit of collaboration to reach their goals, so both the client and the practitioner can feel good about what they give & receive. 
  • Trusting ourselves to know when to politely decline collaborations and clients because it is in the best long term interest of the client, ourselves, or both, with holding the other being in respect. 
  • Learning to let our niche develop on it's own, by following our own interests, questions, and inclinations on what we want to talk about and what we LOVE explaining & talking about. 
  • Developing the discernment to know when it is time to let a client, a program, a strategy go, to stay in relationships with our body, our spirit, and our personal alignment. 
  • Going over every single aspect of marketing, as a buffet menu, take what you want and leave the rest.
  • Coming into the spirit of life & business as play, 
  • Honoring the truth that you have infinite chances to get it right, that there is no failure, there are just avenues that are worth perfecting and avenues we'd rather just watch grow over with weeds.
  • Talking through the different ways you could grow a business - on or offline - to reach your goals, so you can pick the ones that resonate with your vision and desires. I create workshops & templates from what my client's request.
  • Becoming so grounded in your own voice, your own talents, your own desires, and your own vision, that you no longer need to chase shiny objects and can create in an intentional & sustainable way.
  • Learning, recognizing, and honoring your own no's and yes's no matter how extraordinary or out of the box they may be.
  • Developing relationships based on mutual understanding, compassion, commitment, and respect. We aren't chasing down leads & numbers for the sake of them, our call is greater, to build real, genuine relationships.
  • Taking perspectives that include psychology, buddhism, neuroscience, tantra, economics, ETC. to bring the wholeness of existence & BEING human, into the sometimes narrow focused light, so that we may fully realize that we are not our business but our business can be how we further our mission of helping the world.

Hi, I'm Emily Grass

I've been providing mentorship services for wellness practitioners & coaches for over two years and been an entrepreneurial yoga teacher for five.

I grew a business first in person with private yoga, events, & hands on body work.

Then in 2020...I rebuilt online.

I had a full roster of yoga, meditation, & empath clients by June.

I've helped clients find their voice, grow massive social media followings, find dream jobs, and yes reach $10-$20k months.

Regardless of outward results, I've seen a consistent pattern, that those that feel fully expressed & in alignment with their business, are the most satisfied, happy, and connected.

Though some of my clients have reached financial success very quickly, I cannot promise you a certain dollar amount.

I can promise you a couple things though.

My promises to you:

1. I will be transparent with you.

2. I will honor you wherever you are on your journey.

3. I will make every effort to see things from your perspective.

I know there's a lot of crap out there and that you may feel like there is no reason to trust another online marketing coach/mentor/specialist/blah.

I hope that I can extend this olive branch to help you where others have not.

Come along with me!

Let's talk logistics

here's what you get...

1. Bi-Weekly Live Calls

Two live calls a month to connect, support, learn, & be supported, emotionally, spiritually, and practically while navigating the journey to create your life by your design.

2. Self Paced Content Library

Custom product library, so you can be guided in choosing your path forward and not watch 10 hour long videos to find something that helps you.

3. Private Facebook Community

Access to a community that is there to learn & grow with you.

4. First Access

First invitation to events & offers I create in the future.

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"She doesn’t sell an unattainable but ultra quick fix; she actually gets to the heart of what you need to be successful as a wellness provider. [. . .] Yes, she will teach you phenomenal marketing skills and strategies, but you will be getting so much more. She listens to you and supports you in the areas you’re struggling with selling your services. What I really appreciated most about my time with her is she didn’t promise wild outlandish results just to get me as a client. What she gave me was absolutely priceless - trust in myself as a wellness provider to offer services that will bring people in. "

Caroline Foley
Yoga Teacher Trainer @carefol_yoga

"I went from 4k followers to 115k on Instagram with Emily's guidance & encouragement, but better than that, I've been able to help a ton of empaths heal their codependency and the bravery to heal."

Michelle Rowihab
Empath Coach @michelle_themindsetcoach

"I just HAD to let you know that the suggestions you gave about my marketing/content have changed everything! It's as though you unlocked something inside my brain where I am seeing content inspo through an entirely different lens. You provided such clarity on how I can infuse my offer, expertise, experience, and brilliance, into my content without it feeling gross, and thus coming across that way to my audience. I posted my first piece of content yesterday, where I used your suggestions, and I have 10 new followers, (that's a lot for a small account like mine), my posts are being saved, and accounts previously unknown to me are engaging with my stuff."

Patti Klumpp
Holistic Dog Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to the content library, group, live calls, and first access to any events, some paid, most free for members.

Short answer, because I can and want to have pricing that lets you be supported long term. As you have heard, most of the time high price is about the same value, really, as what you can get for much, much less, it's a way to commitment test you, I want you to get in the habit of being committed to yourself, not me or a slave to money.

As much or as little as you want. AND anyone that said you can build a business with zero effort and zero money, at best told you a wild, one in 100,000 scenario. For most people, spending 5-10 hours a week on their business, will have them grow in leaps & bounds. Especially when their body, mind, and spirit are working together, instead of fighting one another.


I have no way of knowing that. As this grows, I plan to cover every aspect of marketing, unless it's something completely out of alignment for me. Most of the modules are made as I do them myself or at a client's request. If you are looking for something specific, reach out to me and ask.


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