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Booked Out Wellpreneurs

How online coaches & healers get booked out without cold dms or huge, stressful launches.

Soon to be sold as a self-study course, get my help for 9 weeks when you sign up by April 2nd.

I'm in!

You're amazing at what you, why aren't more people buying your offers?

I get it, you became a coach or healer because you wanted to help people lead happier and healthier lives.

You have certifications and training, you have helped people get amazing results,  you're showing up on social media, following the scripts of the gurus, and it feels random when people actually sign up.

Finding clients feels really hard.

You love seeing people regain their energy, their confidence, heal from their trauma, and shatter old thought paradigms, why aren't they seeing the value you're providing?!

Most people think they need to grow their audience, pivot, write a book, network, or be perfectly healed - all worthy pursuits but without a compelling offer and clear, effective messaging, that has people sign up, nothing else in business works.

Without messaging that compels people to see your solution as better than saving time, money, or doing something else, people will just tell you how inspiring you are, that it's not the right time, or they don't have the money.

And your people need your help! Your marketing's job is to help them see that.

When your people understand how your offer can help them move from where they are

-> Unfulfilled, unhappy, unengaged, unhealthy, listless.


-> Fulfilled, happy, in connected relationship, excited, healthy.

They get the help they need and you get to make money doing what you love, while having the freedom to decide how to structure your own life.

Clear, Resonate Messages Create Industry Leaders

Who set off ripples of healing in the communities of the client's they serve.

I'm Emily

I didn't start as a talented marketer, I learned out of necessity to grow my private yoga and body work clientele.

I left my YTT in 2018 thinking that my passion for yoga would be enough to get me as many private clients as I wanted.

I bartended and wrote all the material for a Strength & Conditioning gym for the first year & a half of my business while I grew my clientele, I know how hard it is to learn how to effectively market & sell.

It worked too! By 2020 I was having sold out events, had quit my bartending & gym jobs, and had the momentum to take it full time...

By March 2020 my business was basically gone.

I went immediately online during the pandemic, it was a whole different level of business than I was used to.

I enrolled in several courses, and had myself booked out online by June 2020.

This course is what I learned through 5 years of being coached, constant studying, and booking myself out in person & online.


I'm in!

I'll teach you how to create content that is just as powerful as the work you do with clients, and does most of the selling for you.

I know how confusing figuring out marketing on your own feels.

I know how discouraging it is when you pour your heart into something, only to get crickets and no sign ups.

I know how many sleazy coaches & entrepreneurs promise the world without following through.

Together, we will take your content from sounding like everyone else's, to standing out like a beacon to all those that need it.

So you can cut through the noice and speak right to the heart of your clients.

Let's do it!

Imagine...humans saying yes in your content, excited to talk to you, and signing up for your offers.

So you don't have to send any sleazy cold dms & people sign up without you having to overcome a 13th objection.

Booked Out Wellpreneurs

BOW is designed to be everything you need to...

Communicate your offer in a way that has people saying, "where have you been all my life?"

Get leads that feel easy to dm without any cold outreach.

& have simple conversion events, where people see the power of what you're offering. 

Lifetime Access To

All the resources you need to stop guessing & know exactly what your audience wants, because you asked them!

This is the secret marketing sauce of corporations, they spend a big portion of their marketing budget on research. The good news is, we can do it without spending any money.

▶️ Research Your Way to Clients

▶️ Finding People For Research 

▶️  What to Ask on a Research Call

▶️ How to Organize & Use Your Research

▶️ Harnessing the Information on the Internet for Research


Armed with the knowledge of your people's desires, frustrations, & roadblocks, we build offers that meet their needs. 

▶️ Let's Get Tangible, Tangible

▶️ An Offer People Go Get Their Wallets for Workshop

▶️ Info Packets & Landing Pages

📄 An Offer You Love

▶️ Black Friday & Flash Sales

▶️ Structuring Masterclasses for Enrollments

▶️ Creating & Filling Your Conversion Events

▶️ Two Week Launch Plan for Conversion Events

▶️ How to Think About Content & Marketing

▶️ The Content Journey to Clients

▶️ Good Content Structure, Stop Starting from Scratch 

▶️ Powerful AF Messaging

▶️ Addressing Limiting Beliefs via Content

▶️ Marketing to Your Whole Audience

▶️ How to Prepare & Hold Space

▶️ The Elements of an Effective Pitch

▶️ Two Call Process Explained 

📄 My Sales Flow

▶️  How to Think About Sales

▶️ Stop Accepting Criticism from People You Wouldn't Ask for Advice

▶️ Service Based Marketing & Sales Mindset

▶️ Rewrite Your Stories

▶️ Getting in Front of Other People's Audience for Growth

▶️ All the Different Ways to Grow an Audience

📄 Hooks & Headlines

📄 DM Frameworks

📄 Call Frameworks

📄 Addressing Time & Money Concerns via Content

📄 Shame Free Belief Shifting

📄 Transformation Story Framework

📄 Compelling Structure of Any Post

📄 Short Form Launch Post

📄 Long Form Launch Post

📄 Short Form Research Post

📄 Long Form Research Post

📄 Long Form Research Post  #2

📄 Onboarding Docs

📄 Information Packet & Landing Pages

📄 & More!


Can't say much here without ruining it!


Sign up by April 2nd & get 9 weeks access to:

 Let's Do it Together Calls

1st & 3rd Mondays @ 10am PST 

Your chance to come in, get coached, get help with your content, talk through your frustrations, and brainstorm. 

Call Dates : 

April 3rd 

April 17th

May 2nd

May 16th

May 29th Closing Ceremony & Wrap Up

Daily Support 

Ask me any questions, have me look over your stuff, let me talk you through your roadblocks via DM.

(I'll be on standby M-F 10am-6pm PST)

This is the last opportunity to get support through this live.

Previously Sold for $5000

Self Study Price - $500 + a bonus of 9 weeks of live support for those that sign up by April 2nd.

Paid in Full


One time

I'm in!

Payment Plan


/For two monthly payments

Let's do it!

Truth is, the discount is here to let people that have been putting this off have one last chance to go through this live before it is purely a self-study course.

Now is the best time to go through it and get all the support you need, as I put any finishing touches on it that will help people go through this 100% independently.

I've taken dozens of people through this & know that it works, and works well.

I've felt the call to create something new and to do so, I need to let this piece go.

I am so confident that if you buy this course & do the work, you will understand in your bones, how to market yourself confidently.

That said, if you are not 100% satisfied, simply let me know within 14 days of purchase & I will offer you a refund.

Niches Hepled

✔️ Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

✔️ Energy Healing

✔️ Yoga Teaching

✔️ Pilates Teaching

✔️ Life Coaching

✔️ Trauma Conscious Leadership

✔️ Business Coaching

More Niches Helped

✔️ Active Aging

✔️ Self Intimacy Coaching

✔️ Holistic Addiction Recovery

✔️ HSP Coaching

✔️ Nutrition Coaching

✔️ Holistic Beauty

✔️ Death Doula

& More

✔️ Emotional Awakening Coaching

✔️ Manifestation Coaching 

✔️ Burnout Prevention

✔️ Branding

✔️ Spiritual Coaching

✔️ Reiki Healing

✔️  Relationship Coaching

"I have gotten a new client every week while working with Emily Grass! It feels AMAZING to be able to have an effective strategy!!"

Wholistic Recovery Specialist

"I know that with your help, that I am going to be able to help so many more people out there. I am just so grateful that you were able to translate the words that I wanted to say to my viewers but I just don’t have the gift that you do. THANK YOU."

Ana C. Jones
Emotional Freedom Coach

"EMILY! I got my first ever coaching client who paid ahead of time! They paid $333 for the initial call and are purchasing a continued package. I literally had to do NO convincing."

Krystal Souza
Personal Coach

"By allowing myself to have this conversation more deeply, and not jumping into sales right away, I really get a sense of my own somatic consent, and if this actually feels really good to me and I’ve been able to connect with oh my god, this is actually so exciting, I really want to work with this person, this person inspires me."

Adriana Oancea
Sacred Intimacy Coach

Adun Shrecengost

Has booked a client for every week we've worked together! Hear them talk about it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding what to invest in for your business is a big responsibility. It’s normal to have fears about not getting the results to make it worth it. If you’re feeling drawn to this program and you’re ready to be fully booked out with as many clients as you want, then trust your inner compass guiding you to this next step. If you want people to invest in you, that starts with finding the courage to invest in yourself. 

If you know you want to take this next step but you’re fuzzy about how to come up with the payment, don’t hesitate to communicate that! I can connect to do some creative brainstorming on how you can make this possible for yourself.

That’s up to you. This program is meant to help you immerse your in building your business and paradoxically, give you more time and energy to do more of what you want. I would suggest making the time to work on your business 5-10 hours a week at a minimum.

I want to help you create consistently, so you can expect to be given some small reminder most days. 

Replays are immediately available in the Facebook Group for this program.

Reach out to me right away. I am here for you through the process.

I'm going to level with you. If you aren't making sales, then more of the same isn't going to help you make sales. Do you want to struggle for months or years longer or use a proven system?

Yes but live support for this program is going away after May 31st. Signing up now gives you the self study price plus 9 weeks of support.


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