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Somatic & Subconscious Coaching

Offering one-to-one coaching that feels more like playing to help you empower yourself to make the changes in your life that won't just let you do MORE but feel satisfied with what you already have.

Body, Mind, & Spirit Union

Events and one-to-one yoga to bring your whole being into union.

Grow Your Business & Impact

Attract more ready to change & buy clients, without being a giant sleezeball or burning yourself out.

It's not that you're lazy, a terrible procrastinator, dumb, or bad at adulting!

Modern life is complicated when we're living with a 24/7 doom news-cycle, constantly changing demands, and habituated patterns in our nervous system trying to figure out how to navigate life.

In 5 years of working with clients I've found that most people don't have a problem with lack of information. They have emotional blocks that keep them where they are and a nervous system that is already OVERLOADED with the stress of being alive.

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